Circular Design Cases launched

Geplaatst op 17/04/15 11:40

Next Monday the Circular Design Case will take off with a kick-off meeting in Delft. The coming period ten highly motivated students with various relevant backgrounds will be working on circular redesign of (iconic) products as part of the Circo project coordinated by Reversed Concepts.


The project will apply and validate the Products that Last framework in practise by using it extensively in the project. At the same time international circular product and business examples will be identified, analysed and made available. A team of professional designers is going to feed the process with their experience and skills in three workshops (designers are still welcome to particpate via the Circo link above).  All work in progress is going to be made available online. We are preparing the site at the moment and share the link probably next week. The final presentation is planned for July 2nd and we will encourage students afterwards to ‘pimp up’ the results to a level suited for DDW.


It is a new and innovative project and we will certainly hit some bumps during the process but I’m confident we have prepared a solid process to gain very useful experience in circular design, to create inspiring cases and to involve talented designers in order to accelerate circular business in The Netherlands (and beyond)

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